V6 air con removal

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to remove the air con from a '98 v6? I Guess you would then need a shorter belt? I am interested in reducing weight and mechanical drag..

    Thanks in advance..!

  • you can… I have thought about doing this for a while on mine but haven't gotten around to it...

    I believe the belt size is 240 k5

  • admin

    Yeah its doable, like Mooneggs said you just need a smaller belt, just go to your local Halfords or something and get the belt for the 1.8 V6 without AC..

    I think I have the part number at home somewhere if you need it.

    The only thing I would say is try not to damage any of the parts, if you ever find you want to put it back on, the AC stuff is expensive!!!



  • yes it is possible, i did it on my old 323F, everyone said the water pump wasn't on the same belt as it…but it is :? as for the belt, i just went to the shop thats sorts all my stuff with a piece of string and said i need a belt that long, and they just measured the string against the belts 8)

  • I removed mine , becuase when my car cought fire ( :( ) The metal pipes melted so I had no choice. It was 500 dllrs or more to re install.

    I took off the ac condencer, ac motor and belt. Its alot of heavy stuff there by the way. All I did is at the parts store asked for the belt without AC and they gave me the correct belt.


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