Slow window

  • hi all

    when my engine is off my passenger window is realy slow and with the engine running its not much better. could this be a grounding problem or maybe the motor is nackered. the window seems to slide ok, its not being slowed by the rubber seals.

    has anyone had this problem? i work with electronics, i can knock up some new wires. so if its a ground problem then i can sort it out if i can find the ground points.

  • common fault on all jap motors.

    Think its just the motors, but 9 out of 10 jap cars over 10 years old seem to do it!

  • mines doing the same but when the engine is reved it closes alot quicker but annoying.

  • Mine had this. Take off the door card and either spray silicone dry lube or smear silicone grease into the full length of the channels. Mine now open and close in a couple of seconds both ways, where before the os window actually got stuck halfway up or down and needing pulling or pushing to get it going again. Worth a try before messing with the wiring, even windows that seem free can stick on next to no resistance.

  • Just to add - I know it sounds like it should be electrical (and could well be) but do try cleaning the tracks and making sure there is no slight twist in the mechanism. Mine seemed ok but I spent 15 mins clearing them with a rag on a screwdriver with Mr Sheen, been fine for the last 5 years!


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