Head Lights and Bumper

  • hey chaps. I had a look at the how - to this afternoon for bumper removal, but mine appears different. Seems my bumper has been off at some point in its past, and not put back on correctly, so its a little off on one side. I want to remove it so that I can check everything is in-line and refit the bumper correctly, I can see bolts on the inside of either headlight, above the air con rad, and I am aware of the little metal holders near the arches, I can see some bolts if I remove the side lights but cant get a ratchet to them. If I look under the car as the guide suggests, I cant see any 14,, bolts!


  • If I recall the 14mm heads are located in the engine bay, on the inner sides of the wings if that makes sense, if the bumper is slightly out of position, I reckon it can't be sat on the carrier properly

  • you can see 2 between the radiator and bumper either side
    under neath on the outside of the 2 you can see you will see a small square hole just big enough to get your hand into and its at the top of there

  • ahhh…right ok cheers guys, looks like I need to get a new set of axel stands then as im using my current set for the MX6. I think you are right gulf, I can see the carrier at the side wher eit is out of place, by looking down where the light is, a few MM gap, plus I had to fix the edge of the bumper to the arch as the clip was broken...looks like im sorted for next weekends work then!

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