Manifolds and downpipes

  • will powerflow or similar companies make manifolds and downpipes, if so has anybody got one or had any quotes.

    i've seen a stainless manifold and downpipe on ebay for a 4cylinder mx6, but i dont think it will fit my B6ze engine or will it???

    any help would be great!!

  • found one for an exhaust system. but location is bit hard for some people. walsall

    Vehicle Make: mazda

    Vehicle Model: mx3

    Engine Size: 1845

    Year Of Manufacture: 1993

    parts offered to me are all stainless steal…....

    cat-back stainless steel exhaust system
    £274.99 this is fully inclusive of fuel discount (£25), vat & fitting

    custom built manifold.

    £400.00 ++++ so not really advisable for the power gains you may get. (their words)

    offer this at £184.99 fitted.

    ranging from £140.00 for a standard cat or £180.00 for a hi-flow sports cat (200cells)

    (thats is what came up in big letters on e-mail customer care... im sure that this could be classed as discounting prices further)

    what you think people

  • I can vouch for these guys…quality is good. I know of a person who had his Ford Cougar fitted with their custom exhaust.


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