What spec is my V6?

  • My 'R' reg V6 has Aircon (not working though!), elec windows, elec mirrors and cloth interior.

    My question is what is the differance between the V6 and V6 SE?

    My insurance company has it as a Mazda MX-3 1.8 V6 Inj and no mention of a spec.

  • It just means special edition, so would have come with extra bits like leather interior etc. I dont think it will afffect your premium.

  • if you want that air con working, pm me, I troubleshooted mine the other day

  • Hi Jesta,

    I read what you put about fixing it, however the mechanic guy friend who sold it me (he replaced the cambelt Saturday) said that he ran uv dye several times through the system and he thinks that there is a leak behind the dash so I'm put off now. My main aim is now to get the bubbling arches sorted before the winter, looks like a respray on both rear arches to match and its silver! arrgh

    I'll post some pics of the arches to gauge peoples opinions.

  • Look at the plate inside the door, it will say se I think, I post a pic of mine later as I think mine is a se

  • all insurance companies class them as SE, some have a seperate section for Equipe but the one I am with doesnt recognise equipe but just lists it as a V6 but then the V5 says SE too


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