Mazda Eunos Presso

  • Hey, new on these forums and to MX-3 ownership! Picked this up the other day.

    Mazdaspeed Exhaust, could do with a polish!

    Hoping to pick up some struts, fit an induction kit and drop it 40 mm during the summer. Also thinking about fitting the OEM splitter, sidespats and moulded mudguards. Not sure on that though.


  • Very nice! Welcome. Where abouts are you?

  • Nice buy, some very nice goodies on there, if you want colour coded parts there is one breaking on ebay in that colour if you are after spats and splitter, just search mx3 breaking on

  • Thanks lads, I'll have a look around ebay alright. ThinkI've some mudguards sourced from there anyway. Not sure whether to fit them or not, we'll see!

    I'm down in Wicklow.

  • Wilkommen! Nice car. This was the one for sale on Carlow wasn't it?

  • Thats the one. The guy who had it was a valet so it was kept clean, alot cleaner than I'll probably be able to keep it unfortunately!

  • nice looking import there. i quite like that colour with that wing… welcome along to the forum. we are "usually" a nice bunch lol

  • Haha, very good. Just a quick Q about induction kits there, looking at gettng the ones probestore stock. Is there any issues people have with installing these with the MAF or anything?

  • no issues mate, i asked the same question when i joined. :) MAF is fairly good in these. since i have been on the site i havent seen anyone post that thiers have failed. I fitted an induction kit to mine. it is worth doing just for the noise alone lol

  • nice job, cheers! :D

  • Hi and welcome , Liking everything about your Motor Jayom.
    I feel these cars really benefit looks wise from having the front
    splitter and rear spats, kinda helps all the lines gel togther :D
    also makes it look lower :wink:

  • hi and welcome to the site great looking car fella

  • Welcome along man good to see you joined

    That's some steering wheel you have lol seats look good

  • Haha I know yea, the steering wheel is a bit…odd say the the least. Havta say its kinda grown on me though!

  • well cars like that dont grom on trees
    Genuine mazdaspeed interior (tell by the dash colour and seats)
    Mazdaspeed spoiler
    Mazdaspeed exhaust
    Only a few more items to get and you have the whole set :wink:

  • Picked up a JDM splitter for €20. Bargain. Its fairly rough so needs a good bit of tidying and has a couple of stubborn stickers, so I'll get that all tidied up at the same time I get the hatch garnish cleaned up. I trial fitted this morning so won't look too different to this, keeping it black too.

  • @3441e957f2=djmarcopolo:

    Genuine mazdaspeed interior (tell by the dash colour and seats)

    Actually this is a regular mx-3 interior color (non mazdaspeed) and the steering wheel is aftermarket…

    cool looking mx-3, you need the rear garnish that goes under the MS spoiler. I'm sure you could pick one up cheap on these forums. You might have water leaking in the rear if it's not on because of the stud holes...

  • I've got the hatch garnish, just needs tidying up before I fit it. No leaks :)

  • So, got the splitter refurbed. It was in a pretty bad way, with lumps missing, but a buddy of mine restored it to mint condition for €20. So, with the 20 I spent on it in the first place, its still a bit of a bargain. Also got the garnish I got from djmarcopolo cleaned up and fitted. It definitely cleans up the back end, way more than I would have imagined. A set of skirts, fit the arch extensions I've got, a set of coilovers (the 40mm springs I got just aren't low enough) and a new set of wheels (got my eye on the ones of Marco's crocked Presso) and the car will be finished aesthetically.

  • Looking really great Jayom :D personally I would of paint match the spliiter, but yes get that sucka low…

    Arch extensions! & coilovers. You going low and wide? 8)


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