Fixing up my mx3's engine!

  • just bought a K reg v6 mx3 for £125, it faild its MOT on front brake calipers and since then its been sitting for 6 months, bought it off the guy and it didnt start so went and bought new spark plugs and dizzy cap and rotor, started 1st turn of the key. Problem is that when u rev it, after u take your foot off the pedal the engine revs drop down and either stalls or nearly stalls. The previous owner had no problems with the engine and it ran with no smoke and had plenty of power when he drove it 2 where it is now. But because the enigne hasnt ran for 6 months there is now alot of smoke coming from the exaust. Goin 2 give the enigne a oil change and change all the filters, anything else i could do if this doesnt solve the problems?

    Also theres alot of oil on top of plug number 1, looks like the rocker gasket is made of orange instant gasket so i hope thats the problem there.

  • Yes definately oil change/preferably a service. Also is the petrol in the tank 6 months old? If so syphon it out and put fresh in.

    How long have you run the engine for?

  • there was 1/8 of a tank of petrol and i added 5 litres in of fresh fuel, ran the car for about 10 mins. Am rly worried about the white smoke coming out the exaust, could it be the cylinder head?? could that of happend if the car was just sitting?

  • white smoke/ burning coolent. head gasket need changing. but oil in plug sounds iffy

  • @4b4ea958cd=Valley:

    white smoke/ burning coolent. head gasket need changing. but oil in plug sounds iffy

    Could it not just been water in the engine from condensation having been left so long?

    Check the coolant and inside of the engine for mayo deposits. But I'd run it longer than 10 minutes to be fair.

  • could be. about increasing the revs then taking foot off. could be plugs etc. i had this after playing about with my engine. was the VFA connector loose. also check the pipe across the top of the two heads is not cracked or loose. that of nearly cutting out can sometimes be a simple thing over looked.

  • Welcome along, where in edinburgh are you?

    And the car, oilleak into the spark plug is the rocker cover gasket, just had todo mine.

    The power loss/dropin revs, i had this before and its one of two things, i changed my oil and it stopped, started again changed my air filter, stopped and cane back again! last time it was the rubber pipe going into the throttle body had perished on the under side letting air in with the MAF closed.

    Hope this helps. :lol:

  • hey, just south. West Linton? Gave the car a service 2day and its not improved, got the sniffer out and the cars running very very rich. So what i think is happening is that when i rev it and take the foot off the engine floods itself.


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