Weight loss ideas.

  • every little helps :P

  • cash first :)

  • @003a5e63d1=Jesta:

    Sooooo, spent 50quid, cut about 10 holes before you find yourself cutting into weight/strength bearing panels and save 16grams? If you give me £50 Ill remove the ashtray for you, about 80grams saved :D

    What if the astray is already gone :lol:

  • Unless you're racing professionally, what's the point?!

  • @847d67402b=barrywhite21:

    What if the astray is already gone :lol:

    Remove the gear knob, replace with polystyrene ball, remove horn, a/c relays, dryer, heater system, dash, carpet, arm rest, parcel shelf, rear hatch gas struts, boot interior plastics, instrument panel swap for small dials/lcd displays, drop indicators and relays, shave radiator top bracket (only the edges of it are needed)

    Heck, you could even remove the air bag and passenger seat belts, and cut down the entire steering wheel to just a quarter, then fit a swivel handle so you could drive one handed, like those handles you sometimes see on truck steering wheels, you know, the pudding mixers.

    You could remove the petrol tank and fit a low profile one, and locate it anywhere you think the weight balancing would benefit, drop the battery to a smaller size too, those things are heavy, if you could find a suitable bike battery, and bump start the car, thatd save about 10kilos easy!

    Drop the exhaust system from the cat back, and go for a side exit, dont need to worry about sound on a track.

    Drop the rear bumper, thats aesthetic only, fit some mudflaps to prevent stone spray instead, remove the tail lights, dont need reverse, fog lights or indy's, replace with leds on some circuit board instead.

    Remove the bonnet and fit a bolt on polycarbonate sheet. Or use the old bonnet as a fibreglass mould, apply a layer of clingfilm/tinfoil, lay fibreglass ontop, let it dry, remove, job done, fibreglass bonnet.

  • @fae8aebd58:

    dont need to worry about sound on a track.

    yes you do, there are strict limits and sound tests carried out
    on every car

  • how do the formula one and drag racers get away with it then?

  • Have not seen any MX3 race classes! Foxy's on about normal track days, they are strict on noise levels, my mates got a lambo and he can't track it as its too loud, have seen a few cars turned away when i've been to track days as they have exceeded noise limits.

    Best way to lose weight is slimfast

  • Exactly, you can only get your car to a certain point, then you have to lose weight yourself!

  • or do you?

  • much rather been in the driving seat..anytime!


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