Perfect 2.5 oem setup

  • After the clutch pipe bursting on the car and saving alot of money getting the bus rather than paying for fuel I am considering keeping the car off the road for a while and building up an engine with the money I save

    is the perfect setup a DE bottom end with a ZE top end Millenia Inlet manifold with the supercharged version injectors Mazda 323F lantis 2.0 LSD gearbox

    What OEM cams/valve would suit best in the ZE head

  • Only reason not to use a ZE bottom end is if you're going to boost it. 10:1= more power and more MPG.

    KLG4 crank is cast, therefore lighter, might net a few horses.

    Getting the bottom end properly balanced would gain a few too.

    ZE heads with DE springs and retainers would be better, the larger ZE intake retainers have been know to crack.

    Millenia inlet, fair dos, debatable that the straight neck may make a bit more HP. Alot of people are raving about the KLG4 inlet too now.

    Supercharged injectors only useful if you're boosting above 5psi. KL bluetops are good for upto that, and no gains for fuel you don't need. Will be a fuel soaked mess unless you've aftermarket management!

    323F lsd box, good if you can get it, can't remember how much hassle the axles are. Can't remember if it's the same as the protege lsd or not and suffers from the casing separating from the final drive gear mounting plate.

    KL31 cams definately for NA setup. KLDE/ZE valves are the same.

    Hope that helps!

  • What's a klg4?


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