Short shifter fitting problem …

  • Hi all…
    I've been trying to fit a short shifter to the 3 but im having a nightmare .

    I have fitted it all as it came off however the end of the shaft now fouls on the exhaust !!??

    Am i missing somthing or do the bushes need to go a different way ?

    Any help would be greatfully appriciated :)

  • can you get a pic up ?

  • @52c150cd0c=Garfy1981:

    can you get a pic up ?

    I'd rather keep the 3 :lol:

    Difficult to get a pic at the mo as i'm working long shift's now .

    I'll try explaning it a bit more .

    On the gear stick there is a ball . when i put the short shifter in with one white bush above it and one below it ( as it was on the oe ) the very bottem of the stick foul's the on the exhaust pipe . :?


  • You havent pushed it in and the mount it goes into has dropped through, there is no way a short shift will hit the exhaust unless it drops through like that, MX3's have a problem with the stick dropping down when the rubber mounts give up and the whole assembly drops through, try pulling the short shift up when its all fixed in and it may lock back up.

    The short shift is exactly that, its shorter on the bottom than standard to chuck it into gear, if you have swapped them over then the old one would have hit the exhaust too.

    When you were fitting it, did it have a couple of rubber O rings making it tight to put in because you may have used too much force and then pushed the mount down.

    When you had the car apart, to fit it there would be 4 nuts around where the gear stick goes, the hole it all fits into has a rubber bush that mounts into a metal ring that attaches to those 4 bolts, that rubber bush when old and tired just gives up and the whole mount for the gearstick drops onto the exhaust

  • Thanks for the reply ,
    I'll have to have another look to see if the ruber is dropping out the bottom .



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