Cv Joint Problem

  • I am looking to purchase an mx-3 and I am going to view one which is for sale this weekend, but there is a problem with it. The owner told me that the only problem the car has is that when you turn the car left you get pressure on the other side of the car. He said that it is the CV Joint which is causing the problem and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about this and if this does sound like the problem. Also when I view the car is their anything in perticular that I should look for. I contacted a local garage and they told me to fix it, it would be between £100 - £120 . Does that sound about right? . I will have to get the price down on the car to pay for the repair. I just didn't want to buy the car and have a huge bill to get it fixed. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

  • right if its a cv joint when you turn on slow corner is should give a clicking sound till you take the lock off.

    following i had that a few weeks ago. ordered a cv joint from a listing off ebay. but i phoned them and got two for 70 posted. labour was 20 a side.

    excluding vat. following that if you just get one its 40 for part and 20 labour. 60 altogeher.

    also one thing to check it the top of the sus mounting on all four points. think call suspension leg caps. if they are thin or rusted. i know the back cost 70 quid just for the part and its only a mazda part from what i can find.

    then its simple checks smoke revs. knocking (HLA's) exhaust, tyres. and ask service history.


    ps check how smooth gear box change is especially if auto.


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