• I had a bit of a scare yesterday as I thought I was driving with a flatty in the rain we had, the back end was all over the place and massive amounts of understeer :cry:

    Got home, checked tyre pressures, the shocks and springs seem ok, the wheels are all still tight so cannot think what it could be.

    Today still have a little understeer but not as bad as in the rain yesterday and I have never had that before, the only thing that is remotely wrong is the top engine mount still hasnt been replaced yet but surely that cant be it !!!

    ANY IDEAS :?: :?:

  • check wishbones and all driveshafts and linkages. my car felt all over the place when the CV joint failed.

  • The rear suspension is designed to give a bit of oversteer. It's links move by a certain degree to make it feel like rear wheel steering.
    But it should be controllable and not active unless your to giving it some beans!
    I'd check your rear bushes. New rear bushes will make it handle like a dream, mooneggs will confirm the changes felt when replacing old faded rear bushes.

  • Thanks Garfy will get on that, I have had some doubts about a CV joint so will look at them too :wink:

  • Google up mx3 Twin Trapezoidal Link and it will give you a little in sight into it's suspension set up , unless your aware of this of course !

    Its not the reason for it's over oversteer but gives you an idea of how it was designed to handle.
    I reckon your still looking at a shot rear bush.

  • If you find a whole set i will buy them with you, i really want to replace all my bushes, might be cheaper if we buy together from abroad cos i cant find a whole set anywhere!

  • Believe it or not these are the following bushes

    15 or more complete sets sold: $300ea + shipping

    These prices include everything. Paypal fees, forum donation are included in these prices.

    A complete kit includes:

    4 @ Front Lower Control Arm, Front half bushing
    4 @ Front Lower Control Arm, Rear half bushing
    8 @ Rear Lateral Link Common half bushing
    6 @ Rear Lateral Link Short half bushing
    2 @ Rear Lateral Link Long half bushing
    4 @ Rear Trailing Arm, Front half bushing
    4 @ Rear Trailing Arm, Rear half bushing

  • I've just changed CV joints and that seems to have cured it! :D

  • yeah it defo stopped mine pinallwizard. expensive parts but well worth it. keep us posted DJ


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