*@%$ EGR Valve

  • You mean the IAC? Either way remove it :lol: Bit annoying in winter with the low idle though.

  • mine does similar but its inconsistant, also the egr was removed from mine. cant help but just letting you know about the egr.

  • Thing is when it works the car feels like its running much better and fed up of the 1500 rpm tickover all the time

  • Dont blame you its nice to have everything working and it is a pain in the a r s e cheeks!

  • blow it though with an airline?

  • i have one here if you want it? came across it when i was looking for the engine bay fuse box

  • tps and throttle stop set properly? IAC screw might be over adjusted. The IAC screw is just there for minor tweeks, your not meant to set the idle with it, just bump up the idle if need be, how many turns out is it?

  • I will get an airline on it asap as its bugging me, I guess the engine is permanently running rich as it thinks its cold all the time, Its starting annoy the crap out of me lol

  • this weekend was an eye opener
    I did all the gaskets over the weekend, both rockers and inlet manifolds, put it all back together and it was running worse than before with the same issues I have had since day 1 with the ZE swap :cry:

    I put a small piece of hose into my ear and then ran the end along the inlet manifold and found it drawing air in, in a couple of places that you could only hear with the bit of hose.

    This morning took the inlet manifold off again, lightly sanded the top of the block to clean it up and covered the new gaskets with instant gasket.

    Put it all back together and BINGO every bit of hesitation has gone from when its cold, the suspected EGR fault has now gone with the higher revving when cold, it seems to have gained noticeably in horsepower

    The whole thing was a leaky inlet manifold, this thing ticks over a purrs like a brand new car, not even a flat spot anywhere on the rev range and now goes even quicker
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    double banger day :D :D :D :D

    I have found the reason why the engine was losing water regularly since day 1, the loom to the cooling fan has broken cables inside the wire so the fan was not getting the full power it deserved so it then didnt spin fast enough to cool the engine enough causing pressure to build and blow water out the side of one of the crap hose clips mazda fit.

  • Good news :wink:

  • nice one mate :) i thought mine could possible be a leak from the throttlebody gasket. might look into it when i have the cash

  • @dfa0c84a3f=daniel:

    nice one mate :) i thought mine could possible be a leak from the throttlebody gasket. might look into it when i have the cash

    PM me your address again dan I will send over my old inlet manifold gaskets, they are in great shape so you can do the lot on yours in one hit

  • PM sent bud ;)


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