–Help-- Used car

  • GOD DAM***
    This is the main problem when you buy a used car, you'll never know what you got.
    Guys, i was installing the Engine start button, and found 3 electrical components DISCONNECTED !
    And this is no aftermarket job, because it even has Mazda metal place-holder's. The connectors are just bellow the hand-brake.
    I took picture's, can someone tell me what the hell is this ??

    a better look

  • its cool mate, i have about 7 on mine, there additonal wiring looms, some SE versions may have added mods that standards dont have, but the wiring is in place incase you wanted to add them, atleast that wot i think they are for.

  • it cheeper to make one loom with all of the sockets than seperate looms for different specs. maybe they are heated seat plugs.

  • surely they are looms for if you want to add elec window switches in that place
    Get me?

  • i've got electric windows, they're on the door cards, more than likely they're there for an option your car doesn't have ;)


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