Job done

  • :lol: Well Bert has now received the ultimate accolade in his life I think. I was approached at work today by one of the senior staff asking if mine was the car in the process of being done up, confused, I replied "Well, if you mean the one that looks like it's falling apart then, yes" I was then told that a visitor had found my car offensive and if I could please no longer park it at the front or at least turn it around.

    Haha, I've been laughing like f**k since I was told this, I only wish I'd had the porno glove box open to really give the nosey bastards something to have a flap about.


  • LOL the guy that owns our empire at work tried to have my dad removed due to the state of his old van, but now he works at the rear of the main shed

  • If they really want something to complain about maybe they should check the oil patches I leave around the car park :lol:

    At the end of the day if they are that bothered about it they could all pitch in and give me some money for a new car 8)

  • THAT IS AMAZING!!!, so lets think now, how can you p**s them off a little bit more :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • funny as fuck :D

  • hahahaha thats great
    get some truck nuts for on the back then they will have something to complain about lol

  • lol good work! Offensive indeed. When there's micras in the world…

  • a huge spray painted willy with hairy balls lol!!

    what a cheek !! :lol:


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