What do i need to run this big arsed sub??

  • Hello everyone,
    This may seem a really dim question but….............
    I have inherited a freebie 12" sub in a box all ready to go but,
    I obviously need an amp to run it but i have no idea what type of amp or what wattage amp i need :?
    the sub is a 12" in a passive enclosed box !!!!
    according to my research on the web the rms power is 300 watts and the max power is 900 watts. all of which means nothing to me :oops:
    I need advice on what amp i need to run this speaker but also i need to know whether i will also need to run my 6x9's through an amp to stop the sub drowning them out or will they stay running straight off the head unit???
    as you can probably tell i know absolutely d**k about stereos other than putting in head units and normal speakers which any idiot can do.

    someone please shed a little light on this for me :roll:

  • I had a Clio with 10 speakers in it when I was 19. ( 11 years ago :-( )That was my last sound system !!. Now it's all about engine noise!!
    Anyhow, you need a amp that will match your sub. So the rms value and max value are around the same.
    I'd leave your 6 x 9 on head unit.
    Your need a amp wiring kit, RCA leads etc. ( there must be a fit how to on amp wiring )
    crank up your stereo until it sounds nice / un distorted. Then just adjust the gain and bass on your amp until your sub matches nicely.
    Well like I said it's been 11 years. To me it seems the technology of speakers and stereos have come a long way and now things like bass boxes etc are not needed. Plus I'm old, and a old guy with a sub is just not cool!.
    I'm sure other guys will comment and help further.

  • Cheers Garfy,
    not only for the advice but also for making me feel old :(
    if my maths is right and you were 19, 11 years ago that would make you 30 now.

    Plus I'm old, and a old guy with a sub is just not cool!.

    Dude, i'm 33!!!!!!
    I love the sound my little mx-3 makes but i also love my music !!!

    Maybe my wife is right and i should grow up :lol:

    Nah wheres the fun in that???

  • Lol yeah I'm 30. well I suppose family life and things like push chairs, holiday luggage made me realise how valuable a boot is!.
    Plus it used to be full of tools when it was my daily driver.
    First car was nova with body kit
    2nd was clio all about sound system.
    Then a bunch of cars that I didn't really like and did nothing to.
    Then the mx3 which was all out engine and speed !
    I've never done the hole package to one car.
    Well I think dj is the old school sound guy and might drop by for some helpful advice lol!

  • this will do the job.
    peak power is a useful as a hamster ball with edges, Rated Mean Sound (rms) is the true everyday power.

    what size/model etc sub is it?

  • You need an amp wiring kit and a reasonable amp, if its 300w Sub I would suggest 200w amp so you dont spank the life out of it and if its just a single sub you will need a bridgeable amp.

    Bridgeable means you can cross wire it so it puts the full wattage out through just one channel, it can damage some amps that are standard 2 channel and you are only using one channel on it.

    Just PM if you need any help with it as I used to do stereos and alarms back in the 90's :roll:


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