HID ballasts.

  • Hey all,

    So i bought some HID lights at Japfest. funny story the catalogue said i needed h1 bulbs and its h4. managed to get rid of bulbs 2 a mate but kept ballasts. Will the H1 ballasts work for H4 bulbs? I only ask as the lights are great on main beam (not full beam but the ones you usually use for driving at night) but when you go to side lights they flicker and die.

    would rather find out before I buy just bulbs an find out i need ballasts as well.


  • Eddy, on the side lights the headlights use a lower voltage to make them dim, to sort this you need to open bonnet and look at the very far right corner behind the battery, right on the top by the passenger front suspension mount is a weird looking silvery thing with heat sinks around the top, looks like a cheap toast rack, on the inner side undo the plug that connects to it.

    That is a voltage regulator for the side lights to use the main headlights but very dimly

    You need to remove that or it will damage the ballasts or bulbs having a low voltage running into it and making it flicker like that.

    As long as the H4 bulbs have the same connections to the ballasts as the H1's did they will work as they all work at the same crazy high voltage.

    Shame you have shifted them, I have H1's in the projectors and a set of H4's in the garage somewhere so could have done a swap if they had the same connectors

  • ah wonderful. thought something like that might fix it.

    pm sent re the bulbs


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