KLZE negative points

  • I've heard the good points (and they sure are good!) but what are the negatives?

    I read somewhere that a KLZE would adversely affect handling as it makes the front of the MX3 heavier than it was intended… Is that true? Any other bad points to it?

  • Both engines are cut from the same block so if anything the klze should be fraction lighter in theory.

  • the only down side would be slightly increased fuel consumption and if anything needs replaceing to remember its the KL rather than the K8 block. not much in it in weight really. if you are going to do it make sure your car is obd1 not obd2

  • KLZE FTW, no effect on handling, only downside is that it puts a big smile on your face, so when you drive around you look like some escaped mad lunatic

  • yeh like gulf said except for faceache from smiling, if you want to turbo it a KLDE is better but ZE is just too sweet!

  • @226f8b8203=barrywhite21:

    yeh like gulf said except for faceache from smiling, if you want to turbo it a KLDE is better but ZE is just too sweet!

    Would this be the same for a Supercharger?

  • is the mpg really that bad?

    I get around 60 KM to £10 I think thats shit couldnt really be any worse than that

  • @d1ebf91166=DaveMc:

    is the mpg really that bad?

    I get around 60 KM to £10 I think thats shit couldnt really be any worse than that

  • Need replies as im in a better job with better money at hand so be looking into a engine swap soon but depending on this thread I may just sell after getting its mot at the end of the month :O !

  • There are a few things with the KLZE, it is a ball ache to fit yourself so its worth stock piling bits and get it all done ready to fit and go.

    You need an uprated clutch to handle the extra BHP.
    You need to uprate the engine mounts before its fitted () back one is a nightmare to get to)
    Preferably get a KLDE gearbox for the better ratio in first gear
    Do the cambelt, tensioners and waterpump before fitting it
    Paint or polish everything before fitting
    Work out the differences with the vacuum hoses (its not too hard to figure)
    Different strut brace ( or bend the standard one to fit as KLZE is slightly higher)
    Get the correct KLZE, long neck (better inlet manifold) and you have to find a new home for the battery somewhere and short neck fits fine

    Manifolds, standard K8 manifolds bolt straight on but are slightly smaller diameter so you lose a little BHP, MX-6 manifolds + downs are good but you need to make a new custom fit decat pipe as they are longer than the K8 and have a different angle on the end.

    If you are going KLZE I would recommend a decent stainless system to go with it and while all the linkage is down fit a short shift gear lever too

    The only downside after fitting is danger of speeding fines due to heavy right foot and cracked lips due to a lot of smiling, fuel wise I have lost about 15 miles to a tank around town / short journeys, long motorway drives its about the same as the K8

  • No mx is worth more than 2k no matter what it has bolted to it.
    So be prepared to have to re break your motor to get a return on all your hard time and cash spent on it.
    Although as an exception I'd probably spend a bit more than 2k to get hold of Marcos mx but I'm sure he has put a shed load of time and cash into it.
    Guess it's the same with all modded cars tho.

  • Pretty much as above.

    21 mpg if you drive it like average mx-3 owner and if you really hammer it its gets much less. (probably get better milage if you granny drive it)

    You won't get your money back if you do it right (waterpump, cambelt, uprate clutch etc etc etc) especialliy if you don't fit it yourself.

    Nowdays you can get some fast cars for similar or even less money than that will also hold their money. FTO, MR2 etc

    But i'm a built not bought follower myself.

    Other than that no downside really, most fast N/A cars get shitty milage.

    Also Dj its the 5th gear in the MX-6 etc boxes that is taller giving better fuel economy on motorways.

    A straight neck with KL31 is supposed to give better milage than a Curved neck with Probinator chip.

    You can fit the standard strut brace just need a few washers under each nut to raise it a bit. You cannot however fit an aftermarket strut brace.

  • slightly off …
    but agreed that mx6 has taller 5th gear as its built as a cruiser.
    corksport front strut brace will fit curved neck.
    ive got straight neck and had no issues with strut bar, must be a curved neck thing.

  • The curve neck I fitted with a standard brace by bending the brace to fit, cool with the KL gearbox thought it was first but 5th is better for journeys too.

    If you want to make money on a car buy scrap and fix yourself, if you are modding you will never make money back, just look in fast car at the nutters spending 15-20k on a honda civic thats really worth 4-5k finished, no wonder none of them smile


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