Braking issues on my v6….

  • My V6 seems to be braking whilst im driving along, feels like I have the handbrake on a bit, could it be a sticking caliper or something. Looks like there is more brake dust than normal on the offside rear wheel, but gotta clean and monitor that. Any thoughts gratefully recieved

  • MX3'S are notorious for the calipers seizing, mainly on the front but its reasonably easy to fix just get a new set of pads and do both on the rears, or if they are recently new you will see the pad is fitted into the caliper and where it makes contact there are 2 very small shiny metal plates that go in between the pad and caliper, sometimes when fitting these clip things can cause the pad to jam on. I had it a while ago on another car, simply beat the pad out that is seized with a hammer and refit with either one or both of those small metal clips removed, they are fitted to give it a snug fit when new but as rust has developed on the calipers it can also jam them

    you will need a brake winding tool for them when fitting new pads which you could hire or buy a set that will last a lifetime

  • The clips - shims - should be fitted with a dab of copper grease between them and the back of the pad on each side. And they should be thoroughly cleaned of rust between each set of pads.

  • My off side rear caliper is a pig aswell, hand brake leaver on the caliper needs removing and lubricating. I've got to do mine soon so i'll do a how to guide.

    Dj do you use a winding tool as i've just used a 14mm spanner and a rachet extenion bar to do mine, this worked fine as there only little brake calipers.

  • took my shim completely out of the seized one

    I just use a winding tool, much easier

  • I changed my osr caliper yesterday as it wasnt braking with either the hand brake or the pedal. now the hbrake works but the pedal still wont hold?

    thought it was the inner pad sticking but its obviously moving in with the hbrake, any ideas? the nsr is fine. I changed the pads too, the only thing I havnt changed is the disc but its fairly new, and I cant see why it would cause an issue.

  • have booked it in to be looked at, local chap I use. def sommit sticking, as wheel red hot and lots of brake dust. If it needs a new caliper, any ideas who cheapest to get one, if new isnt too bad may go that way, otherwise scrap yard I guess

  • It was the handbrake staying on, have greased all up and put in new pads, but the other day sticking on again! Guess I need a new caliper, or is there any way to bodge it so the handbrake doesnt go on, on that side? I leave it in gear anyhow.

  • @c70c99b9ad=dazfoxy530:

    is there any way to bodge it so the handbrake doesnt go on, on that side? I leave it in gear anyhow.

    Would definately not recommend that, have you checked that the lug the handbrake cable attaches to can be moved or that the handbrake cable is moving freely inside its sleeve on that side.

    I have some spare calipers, not sure of condition or even if theyre front or rear as they were bought as a job lot of parts, bought them from a member on here so believe them to work, your only in bournemouth, so could come and try fitting them this weekend and see if that resolve the problem.


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