Guide to installing a rear strut brace?

  • Anybody know how / got a link to a guide with pics?

  • Its not hard mate, just take off speaker cover, disconnect speaker temporarily, crack nuts off top mount, fit brace,

    Now tricky part is you have to trim down the seat belt mount.
    I have a trimmed one now as I've stripped mine off.

    If you look at my project page your see a photo off boot put back together.

    Your need to slightly trim black plastic to get speaker cover back on.

    That's it done.

    If you want to do photos and a right up it can be added to how to page for future.

  • I've still got boot plastics if you do balls it up.

    But its pretty self explanitory once you put it all in place.

    Just take your time and do a neat job.


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