Timing a klze

  • Anyone tell me the timing position on a klze as I was going to do the distributer today and realised I never found the timing position

    Most cars are 5 degrees positive from dead center just want to get it spot on

  • You running a stock ZE euc DJ?

    As long as you get the distributor in roughly the right place the ecu should take care of the rest and adjust the ignition advance/ret@rd accordingly. Even in diag mode it normally doesn't make a difference as the ECU goes back to factory settings.

    If you're running MS I guess Marco's your man!

    Other than that sorry fella I don't know.

    EDIT: according to the manual K8 iginition timing is 9 - 11 degrees before TDC so I would imagine the ZE not being far off that.

    There's a mention on the MX-6.com about it being 10 o BTDC
    And some where else on probe forum that the ECU will only adjust within 10 degrees of where you set it.

  • Exactly^ I always went for 10 deg BTDC and as said it's pretty keen on adjusting it itself!

  • Thanks for that, we just chucked on the distributer and away it went, but its nice to get everythging perfectly in line

    Thanks for that, will get onto it V soon :D


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