The mazda fairy visited today

  • @cdcb7a0ec7=Garfy1981:

    They are civic projectors. It was the only option before mx projectors came along.

    So lucky with those skirts !, guess being on gumtree and eBay constantly finally paid off lol. :-)

    Cool, i now know what headlights they are and where they came from, the skirts were a fluke, he was selling a bodykit and was happy to split if I bought other stuff so I did lol

  • so jealous, especially the skirts, good find!!

  • you jammy sod ive been looking for those sideskirts for ages

  • ha love that plate hes got!

    thought you had to cut up the body work to fit the civic projectors??

  • No, you have to chop the lights up a bit so they actually fit behind the bumper and bonnet and then re seal unit with mastic, chop into the harness and done. alot of problems with misted units. don't really see anyone doing this conversion now, but some u.s guys still have them fitted

  • ah, mustve got it backward in my head. Im doing a retrofit when I can find some damn clear lenses, theres one place called sickhid's, they also sell them on ebay, but its just one place in the whole world, no surprise its in the usa, dont understand how that can be, surely someone is manufacturing them for the dual halo ones! I was just gonna cast my own, but the bulk amount of material Id need to cast a pair of headlights takes the cost to about ten quid cheaper than buying the ones from the states and paying delivery on them. With all the crap the chinese pump out and the aftermarket products the germans/polish have, youd think theyd be more than just one bloke making them!

  • Your only find clear lenses in the u.s as they use plastic lense covers unlike our glass covers.

  • The projectors, what model civic do they come off usually? I know they are off an EK but they did two models 96-98 (pre face lift) and 99-00 (facelift) the lights were ever so slightly different.

  • TBH I dont know :wink:

  • Garfy - do the US ones get clear lenses as standard then? The long wait could be over!

  • @1009daf563=Jesta:

    Garfy - do the US ones get clear lenses as standard then? The long wait could be over!

    The clear lenses you have seen on ebay aren't lenses, they are actually those crappy covers you get to protect your lights (just in case the protective glass wasn't enough).


    these are the only decent ones i have seen

  • ?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You saved me 80quid there mate! Thanks, woulda been furious!


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