Where is everyone

  • I'm not here!

  • I've not been about for a while. Mainly cos I sold my 3 in December :cry:

    I will get another but the 25 mpg (I have a heavey foot and it's too tempting with the V6!) was killing me as it was costing me nearly a tenner a day back and forth to work.

    So I'm stuck with a crappy pug 206 diesel for now untill I pay off some shiz and get some cash flow back in the bank. Even though that only does 42 mpg and with the higher price of derv it's not working out all that good!

    I still pop in every now and then though see whats going on.

  • I've been thinking about shelving the mx for a while and getting a diesel too, but I just cant bring myself to do it lol


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