KL 36 Ecu

  • can someone please tell me where i can find an ecu checked on ebay nad none there so im sort of stumped

  • 247 spares
    nippon tuning

    use google

  • Why are you looking for that ecu? There is a guy that can "chip" your ecy as kl36 or so. Also they have some ebay chips that come with the kl36 program.. I have never tried those tho. I am tunning a variant of the kl36 program from 1stprobinator on probetalk.

  • i bought off ebay the kl-31 ecu soo its all done with now :) but i think i need to taek the ecu to an electrical engineer regarding the restrictor in the actual ecu.

    i remeber reading somewhere that it will only go up to 7.500rpm and top speed is 118mph with the japanease ecu cus of the restrictions in japan so i need to get the restrictor removed b4 i go around handing honda drivers their asses

  • you are correct…but I'm not sure if it's for all ECU's but when I got mine I had someone remove all the limiters (rev, mph) I also had him cut off the autofans when the car is shut off...

    now you will be able to FLY lol I've gotten up to 154 mph in mine :shock: and revved over 8500 (by accident)

    just make sure you don't blow it up!!! :roll:


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