Does my 92 mx3 have to pass the emmisions test?

  • My local garages cant give the answer, the best i get is if it has a cat it will have to pass the test for the MOT although my mate has a 95 peugot 205 and that has a cat but he doesnt have to pass it for his?

    Is there a guide or list somewhere to help me?

  • IIRC it's okay for pre 96?

  • I read somewhere it was anything registered before march 1st 1992 but it seems a grey area

  • if your car was reg on its v5 as 92 it has a non cat test but it is still subject to emissions its 1200ppm and not 300 ppm for a 92 reg…

    there are two types of test, one non cat ie 92 reg and previous and then the cat test version ie 93 on...

    its all about the parts per million pre92 and inc 92 1200 ppm and 93 on 300ppm..

    some manufactor's fitted cats pre 92 with o2 sensors audi for one but it still means if your car was reg'd in 92 or before then it a non cat test..

    A good example of this was my old mk3 astra it was a 96 plate but had an engine fitted from a 90 reg gte, i had the paper work for this and notified dvla of the change it was then subject to a non cat test even though the chassis was a 96...

  • Any ways having said all that lol, i just remembered when the mot tester logs your car onto the computer from dvla's website for its emmission test the system will tell them what test to do.. ie non cat…

  • cheers for the replies, its just a bit confusing :shock:

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