Here is my new car ( sorry its not a mazda )

  • Here is a couple of pics of my new car. current mods are obviously an air filter, home made decat pipe with a 3 inch stainless back box. it is seriously loud but i still think the mx3 would have eaten it up on acceleration. will post up more pics soon. will be getting it remapped when i have the time and money which should up the HP to about 180 and nearly 200fpt. its a 2.0 twin spark. Let me know what you think guys

  • Hmmm a fiat :roll:

  • very close to fiat but nicer inside lol. it actually drives really well and the handling is pretty sublime. its very direct. not like other sloppy saloons

  • :shock: well known for breaking down good luck with that lol!!!!!

  • Very nice!! One of the best looking modern saloons IMO.


    :shock: well known for breaking down good luck with that lol!!!!!

    Are they though? We know a few people with 156 & 147 T.Spark's that have had them for years and not had an ounce of bother. They are looked after very well mind.

  • Like most things i suppose as long as you keep on top of things there shouldnt be any problems!!!

  • Nice lookin motor ya have there..

    Real nice colour!! Good luck with her!!!

  • Thanks guys, yeah it has had a few problems due to neglect from a previous owner, all of which i have sorted for relatively little money. Lets be honest about the price of parts for the mx3, i think it will be much of a muchness. Yes the colour is what attracted me to it. i have never seen an alfa in this colour before. I will make sure i keep a gallon of oil in the boot as that is about all the twin sparks are known for going wrong :)

    handling is brill, i would recommend anyone to test drive one of these. 1 full turn of the wheel is full lock so you can imagine how direct it is :D

    Anyways i will still be around trying to help people if i can, you cant get rid of me that easy ;)

  • crying out for some gulf stripes on it LOL :wink:

    Glad you are happy with it, thats all that matters

  • alfa… electrics... oh no :p
    hopefully you wont get trouble with it, but like top gear says, your not a real car person till you've owned an alfa!

  • that is very true. after i decat it and put a stainless back box it is extremely loud. some poor old lady had her fingers in her ears as i went passed so i think i might put the cat back on until i can afford a silenced sports cat lol. apparently alfa sorted all the electrics from the 156 and it is no longer a probem (time will tell lol)
    me and the misses want another mx3 as well (hopefully one each) but have to save up some dosh yet as she hasnt passed her test yet. is the v6 a bit powerful for a first car? mine was a renault 5 1.2 tr but since then i have had bigger engined cars (1.8 upwards) she either wants an mx3 or a toyota sera i think

  • not at all, my mx3 v6 is my first car, but I was riding super sports bikes for 6 years before I passed my car test, so even the v6 feels slow as sh*t, my girlfriend though, after I told her to boot it she started wimpering and pulled over when I let her drive it down the a303 lol

  • lol my misses drove mine around a car park (bless her, the only other thing she drove was my slow ass mondeo) and did the scared thing of pushing the throttle instead of the break and waved her hands about. bloody scared me hahaha. the sera is a pretty cool car as it has back to the future style doors :D

  • mmmm I've been thinking about one of those for a while now too 'drool drool'!

    lol Fiat :lol: Apparrently the chassis is modled on the Tipo lol!

    I've heard handling is brill as they've got double wish bones up front and a similar set up at the back to the MX-3 with passive rear wheel steer.

    Not bad performace figures too from what I cam remember. Think the 2.0 was rated at 156 bhp. The 1.6's are 120 and the 1.8's 140 ish so impressive for what they are. And all the T sparks have VVT.

    The reliability put me off but if you look in any of the alfa forums they all say the same it's not an issue as everyone makes out.

    Servicing cost can be big though if you need to replace all 8 spark plugs as the second set are a smaller special type which can cost well over £50 for 4.

    Hope you enjoy and hopfully I'll be following suit :D

  • yeah its very nice to drive and the VVT kicks in at 3000rpm (or 5000rpm it seems to have a turbo feel :) ) reliability is not really an issue. the older 2.0 twin sparks were rated at 155hp and the newer (sept 2000+) models were rated at 150hp…... have 3 cats on them hence the loss of power.
    i gotta be honest though, the mx3 felt alot quicker. maybe it was the lower ride height. they are beautiful cars though. I have always been an alfa fan


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