Fuel Protest May 8th 2011

  • Hey guys, I dont know if many of you are aware but there is a fuel protest going on next sunday (may 8th) to try and slash fuel prices by 24p per litre to bring us in line with the rest of europe. All the information is availavle via google and social networking sites such as facebook. hers is one of several links http://www.hypermiler.co.uk/fuel-protests/stanlow-fuel-protest-and-go-slow-planned-for-may-8th

    I hope some of you can take part in the protests as fuel is getting pretty bloody expensive now. I do believe that these protests are going to be taking place throughout the UK and Ireland.

    I know it would still be alot but wouldnt it be lovely to see fuel prices at about £1.09.9 a litre again. it must be worth a shot

    Good luck guys

    (P.S i didnt buy the subaru legacy, i ended up with an alfa 156 )

  • it would be good to get the prices down but driving around moaning about the price of fuel is pointless it gets nothing as the government just ignores it, the only other way is to do like the last ones when the depots were blocked as people realised something was not right and that is the only way to get noticed and pressure people into doing something

    The government is now too dependant on fuel tax to drop it by 2p a litre let alone 24p
    2p a litre is worth a few billion pounds every year, if you want that down then we need to bin the NHS and stop imigrants being allowed to claim benefits and housing if you want 24p a litre off fuel

    The worst culprits in all this are oil speculators who purchase millions of barrells of oil by the super tanker load at a certain price and then they pay the tanker company to park their ships off the coast with all their crew sat around doing nothing until the price goes up enough for them to make millions in profit from price increases due to shortage of oil and higher demand.

    These are not massive companies that speculate the market, these are individuals sat in front of their PC's in the virgin isles, bahamas etc that can make millions from a few mouse clicks, they are the ones to target in the fuel protest
    either that or find some lazy arse that has no interest in working sat at home smoking weed all day and give him a slap as he is making the cost of fuel go up too

    its about time we got rid of cash for benefits and everybody on social got vouchers or cards that can only be used in a range of shops for everything you need
    only downside is nightclubs will be empty of the 2am desperate single mums looking for their first seeing to in 4 or 5 months :lol: :lol:

  • haha. i do think that the strike is going to be at the main depots. at the end of the day, if enough of us make a fuss about it, they will have to do something. There is also another fuel protest going on, where people are refusing to buy from branded fuel outlets such as BP, Esso, Texaco etc and only filling up using supermarket fuel, however, i cant see this being too effective due to the oil coming from the same place, ie BP probably has a good stake in asdas fuel etc etc.

    Congrats on the KLZE btw GOD, I MISS MY MX3

  • LOL thanks, there wont be any decent protests at the fuel depots as I have one a couple of miles away and they made a law meaning you can go to prison for blocking the distribution of fuel so its pointless now.
    If we were in any other country we would destroy everything and shoot people until something changed but in england we are to lazy so we get in our car and drive 100 miles and sit there to try and make petrol cheaper the only one winning out oif that is the fuel companies, like all these green protesters that go to london in buses coaches and cars to complain that fuel emmisions are killing the planet or students go to london, destroy millions of pounds of public property that we then have to pay for out of the money we could have used to keep their tuition fees down with.

    GOOD OLD UK :)

    Thanks about the KLZE, love driving it and the fuel difference isnt that much with the standard K8, I have lost about 15 miles to a tank which is about 2 litres of fuel extra to run it

  • hahaha thats funny, a law against striking which is our right lmao. as you said though only in the UK. they will also be staging a go slow which will be fun if you are trying to get anywhere. it happened in 2008 i believe with good results. ok so maybe fuel depots are out of the question but there must be something that will really get under thier skin, maybe blocking every enterance into london, but that could be going a bit too far lol. there would probably be more pedestrian injuries as a result as noone would hear that G-wiz flying up behind them as they crossed the road pmfsl

  • 15 miles on a tank that small isnt too bad. depending on how i drive i could get 20 miles either way on the alfa

  • I was surprised, I thought it would be under 100 miles for a tank but its not that different, that stinking 1.8 Zafira I had was worse than the MX for fuel. There was one thing good from it I forgot to put in the revue my mate from work spent the same week in polpero for deep sea fishing trips and I met up with him and he gave me a bag of gutted mackerel for a barbeque, but as tesco bags leak so badly, I put them under the carpet in the boot on the 2 extra seats, they were hanging with fish juice when I got them out again so that car will have a funny smell for a while :lol: :lol:

  • @507846ba2d=djmarcopolo:

    and they made a law meaning you can go to prison for blocking the distribution of fuel so its pointless now.

    You can protest on the streets but that would = to nothing.
    What you could do tho, is block the motorway (there is still a route for the tankers to go) and it would get so much press coverage it would be unreal.

    It would force the tankers to go down smaller roads, but would not block them off.

    Takes more time, gas and general ware and tare on the trucks as well.. make it more expensive for them to deliver it.

  • I think that is what the go slow is for, i didnt realise there was a law against blockading the depots so the go slow will have almost as much of an impact, ie forcing the filling trucks to go slower to deliver the fuel to the outlets. here is some footage from about 2 mins away from my house from 2008 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/cornwall/7428981.stm there is a video at the bottom of the page.

  • If you could manage to get a large majority of this country to stick together and block fuel depots etc, then the government would have no choice to act, as they would not be able to throw say 5 million people in jail. Trouble is, try getting 5 million people to break the law without always fearing the worst, it ain't gonna happen, people moan like fuck in this country about lots of things but never act on their words, shame really because I feel strongly about certain things but why should I put myself at risk for the benefit of others that moan but can't be arsed to back up their words, shame eh?

  • i totally agree, we moan about everything here. I can understand why they are doing it but i would rather pay £1.00 per litre and have an extra 1p on every item at the shops, ( a full food shop would add an extra 70p to my bill) at least that would be virtually unnoticable. but when you drive past every forecourt and see how much it has gone up it makes my blood boil. lets be honest here, if something is £9.99 you say in your head a tenner so that penny is already written off. you can see where i am going here. in fact i believe they could lower prices to well below £1.00 per litre if they were to do this. over £6 per gallon is just wrong. If the governmant were to tax those stupid G-wiz things and cyclists they could lower the cost of fuel even further. lets just hope that the word gets out and enough people do the right thing lol. (well in my eyes anyway) its worth a week of disruption if the government could lower the price of fuel in my eyes and if they dont, well at least we made a stand

  • with the 2.5% hike in VAT your already doing that dan, so youd think this were completely unnecessary. One thing that boggles me, is that they dropped vat to 15% then go and hike it back up to 20%, surely that nullifies the point of dropping it in the first place? I totally agree with you on the 1p more thing, I have a savings option on my lloyds account that is called save the change, on every transaction I make including direct debits and standing orders, it rounds it up to the pound and takes the rounded up amount and puts it in a seperate savings account, even on all the transactions I still struggle to end up with more than about a fiver in there each month, so you really wouldnt notice it.

  • you guys are much nicer than they guys on the alfa romeo forum pmsl. now i miss my mx even more hahaha

  • Papa Jesta was telling me this morning that now Bin laden is dead oil prices have aready dropped 20cents a barrel, not much, but its a start, he said that the americans are expected to start spending more in celebration or some weirdness, you know how they are.

    Also saidd about conflicts in siberia and libia, which is likely causing a problem, but also that the barrel prices have gone up by 25% since last year, so thats why were paying more, 25% of £1 takes it to £1.25, so its not that far off really if you think about the fact that the barrel price has gone up, he said its not so much governmental but its worldwide increases, that said we are paying a ridiculous amount in comparision to the rest of the world, retarded when you think we have our own refinery's and oil rigs.

    Does my tits in when you hear americans complaining about rip of fuel prices, like theyd know, they pay something daft like £2 for a US gallon (4.0litres iirc) which is nothing, were paying just short of 3x that! Doesnt help that most of them drive terribly maintained vehicles or ones that are massive engined, that said, if we had their fuel prices, Id have myself a KLZE :D


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