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  • Hi i am a new member, just purchased a 1995 1.8i v6 with 72k service history etc. it needs a new rear silencer - can anyone give me some tips on where to buy a decent performance box thats would sound nice but not loud as i dont want any nagging! Thanks

  • Welcome to the site..

    You have a number of options here..

    #1 On Ebay there are lots of "Sportex" or "Sniper" b'boxes for sale.. the 4" is quieter than the 3" on the V6.. DJMarcopolo has had both and has confirmed this.

    #2 Is Universal b'boxes.. however, these will be loud, and if i dare say "Chavvy"

    #3 Go to a company like "Powerflow" and get a custom made stainless steel b'box… This is what i did.. £150 fitted and lifetime warranty..

    Hope this helps


  • hi and welcome to the sit
    i recomend a 4" sportex on a v6 they sound great but if you want realy long lasting i agree with hammy go with the powerflow systems
    a good sportex is about 120 new but realy easy to fit your self as it comes as a whole rear section no welding needed
    with the universal ones you have to get the hangers made to fit (3 just on the box itself) and get it welded to the main system.
    hope this helps


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