Which Gas do you use on kl-de?

  • I'm just wondering. I just used to drive with blyfri 95 benzin.

    But after an year. I just started to drive on 98 benzin and it feels like it do really driving much better and more quiet. Im just wondering anyone use 95 or 98 on the car? and has someone tried to drive with racing fuel from shell with blyfri 99 ?

    I use the ecu kl 05 and might the ecu made for blyfri 95 or 98?

    thanks for answers :)

  • De /K8 is tuned for use on 95 ron,

    Ze ii from JDM as is tuned to run on 98/99 ron.

    Both will work on either of course, but i have always ran mine on super unleaded 99/98. The performance gains are minimal to be honest, the only pro to super unleaded is lower emissions and lower engine wear.

    There was a BP ultimate fuel about 5 yrs ago that was 102 ron i think and meant for high performance engines, but was 2.42/lt at the time!!, I doubt this is around any more given the price of fuel now.

  • I've literally tried everything available over here..
    :arrow: El cheap'o Tango Euro 95 - Runs ok, consumes a lot more.
    :arrow: Shell Fuelsave Euro 95 - Runs ok, really does save fuel.
    :arrow: Shell Vpower 95 - Runs ok, saves more fuel than the tango shite, and feels a bit quicker in the low gear/high revs.
    :arrow: Shell Vpower 98 - Runs nice! A lot quicker engine response. Can't get it in Holland though, got it in Belgium..
    :arrow: BP Euro 95 - About the same as the Shell Fuelsave
    :arrow: BP Ultimax 98 - Runs about the same as the Vpower 98. At first, while running way to lean, it made the engine act funny. Felt like the engine got sort of agitated.. :lol: But now, running spot on, it really makes a difference.

    I try to keep going to BP, even though it's a 15 min drive and there's a Shell right around the corner. But I usually end up at the Shell Fuelsave, because of that damn gas price over here. We're at 1,45 GBP a liter right now… :?

  • thanks for answers :)

    I just have fulled up my 2nd tank with 98 benzin from Statoil. It seems to be very nice. the motor is running much better than the 95. just a bit another sounding from the motor. that's why i asked. aahh damn its 1.45 gbpb?

    its 12.76NOK.

    here in Norway the last I filled with gas was the price 15.07 NOK which is 1,71 GBPB after the valuta

    so yeh the prices is sickness high.

    but has someone tryed to fill up the gas with shell racing fuel 99?

    its the highest we can get here in norway is 99.

  • don't think anyone has tried racing fuel, there is a 99 over here but I wouldn't call it racing fuel !

    Shocking how much petrol is!, sad as it seems I'm glad it's not just the uk being screwed over at the pumps.

    I'm sure no doubt we will all be in hybrid / 3 cyl diesels if it keeps going up, which I'm sure it will. :-(

  • @ee71e25cf0=EDS89:

    but has someone tryed to fill up the gas with shell racing fuel 99?

    its the highest we can get here in norway is 99.

    **Not in my MX-3, no, but I put some in my Accord Type-R. Somehow we got from Cologne to just outside Calais on just over half a tank - and in three hours…

    Incidentally, there is a myth that higher octane fuel "gives" more power. Technically it doesn't - octane is a heat stability rating (or an "anti-knock index" - and the best gas to use in your car for the most power is the lowest octane rating that gives you no knock ("ping", or "pre-ignition"). Lower than that and you lose power through fuel detonating before it reaches the combustion chamber. Higher than that and you lose power through not burning enough fuel.

    If course, if you have a modern engine which is capable of adapting to the more stable fuel, you won't lose power through incomplete combustion and higher octane fuel does have a higher specific energy - which results in more power.**


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