• so my current seats are probably THE most uncomfortable ive ever had in any car. They are sunken, springy and my right leg and back ache after very few miles. In my MX6, I can drive from Huddersfield to Norfolk without stopping and feel fine.

    so, with that in mind, what can I do to improve things?

  • Are they the original seats?

    On mine I have the 3 way adjustable (Tilt/height/angle)

    This helps on long drives :wink:

  • you could put a set of mx6 seats in on the mx3 subframe i think they will fit or they might be a little modifing

  • yes, I currently have the original adjustable seats, this doesnt help at all.

    I did wonder about MX6 seats, mine are black leather and very comfy, so if i end up breaking my six, i suppose I can try plus i have the wiring in place for the electrics i think.

    What about re upholstering perhaps??

  • reupholstering in leather? can be very expensive
    cause of the cost of leather (300-400 quiid i would imagine)

    most seats out of other cars can probably be made to fit,
    one of my mates just put new gen. Celica leather seats in His
    MR2, with the custom subframe brackets.

    MX-5 seats? escort recaros?

  • i have 2 front seats, the buckets style ones you can have for free if you come collect them.

    cw12 4bu

  • cheers Barrywhite, ill let you know as sono as I can, and as soon as I have funds!
    are they supportive? thats what mine seem to lack, and my right leg proper aches after a short drive (in the MX6, im confortable for well over 4 hours constant driving)

  • they are the bucket style ones from a 92 model, i dont have a picture sorry, and if you come and get them you can have them for free. im having a clearout!


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