Air Con fuse?

  • hey chaps.

    I want to get my air con regassed, but as ever with Mazdas, I need to check the system is at least functioning. in my MX6, I have an air con fuse, but I cant find one on the MX3, any ideas? I know the best way to check if the system is worklng is to just regas it, but i figured at least check the fuse first as a starting point.


  • Start car.
    Turn AC on
    Revs should jump around +500 and the 2nd fan should spin up.

    I've not found a fuse for the aircon either.

  • yep, but if the system is empty, the revs wont jump, fan wont come on etc. ah well, i suppose ill just have to get it gassed and cross my fingers!

  • was any solution found, got the same issue, check both fuse boxes, best i can find is AD FAN, oddly the ROOM fuse is running my stereo :? checked the Lo and Hi aircon valves, no gas came out, so its dry as a bone, tried moving the air con clutch, was notchy at certain areas but thats probably because of magnets or something, wasnt a grinding or sticking problem, either way, it doesnt kick in when the switch is on

  • you still need help with this, sorted mine out now, can guide you through it if you need, seem to have jynxed myself, get the A/C working, and its done nothing but rain for 2 weeks :roll: :evil:

  • yeah mine still needs sorting, but i think its probably empty, although it would be handy to check the system does work??

  • ok, are all you fan speeds working? ie you have air coming through when you switch from 1 through to 4?

  • certainly is Jesta, nice and strong

  • even on number 1? you positive that one is working?

    Ok step two then, go find your pressure switch, in the manual it says it should be on the firewall behind the engine, connected in series with the refrigerent lines, mine wasnt, it was on the dryer, on the right of the radiator, itll have a connector, undo that, and stick a bit of insulated wire between the two pins, leave it unclipped for now, your just bypassing the sensor and telling the system your refrigerant pressure is at a suitable level. Start up the car, turn to any fan speed you want, press the A/C button, if that was all the problem was then you should hear a clunk from the engine bay, thatll be you magnetic clutch kicking in, and powering the A/C pump, turn off engine, go get it checked for leaks, and then gassed and your ready to roll!

  • yep, works on number1, ill have a bash with your suggestions this weekend, thanks very much for the tips, i wouldnt have had a clue mate!!

  • thats all I had to do to get mine working, mine has no gas so the pressure switch wouldnt allow the circuit to complete, but the a/c light would go out after fan speed 1, fan speed1 also didnt work, so I checked the resistor, and the resistor for #1 had burnt out, soldered it back together and it fixed that, but also allowed the a/c light to stay on for 2,3 and 4 for some odd reason. Not had mine regassed, was about to, but Im loath to pay £60 (leak detection + regas) when all its done since I fixed it is rain everyday!


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