Can i move the air flow meter???

  • Well today was the day,
    the postie had delivered my shiny new cold air intake kit, the sun was shining and off i went outside like a kid at christmas to play with my new toy :D
    BUT when i went to put it all together and put it on the car i realised that there was a piece missing!
    there was no silicone hose to attach the air flow meter to the pipework :(
    So while i wait (again) for the required bit to turn up i have a question or 2…

    Now i have nice shiny pipe work does the air flow meter have to stay where it is or can the wiring be extended and the meter moved up or down? cos a nice shiny intake kit would look crap with the manky coloured air meter slap bang in the middle.
    If it can be moved would i be right in guessing it needs to go down and sit behind the air filter as it does now?
    And lastly if i am to extend the wiring does anyone know the correct wire to use and the best connections to make? i normally go for bullet connectors and shrink wrap.
    thanks for any help or advice

  • nah wont make much a differnce i dont think

  • you need it or it wont run I am afraid, if you can attach a pipe to the filter part then run it down and hide that part in the wheel arch under the washer bottle otherwise it has to be there

  • You can move it just make sure all your joins are sealed nicely, don't do up the worm clips too tight around the air flow meter or your crush the plastic and the inner cone won't move properly,
    For connections id go for ideally same sized wiring, ( not domestic wiring/ flex ). Go for crimp lug, or twist and solder and then crimp over top for insulation, then wrap it up tidely.
    Scrap yard best place for piece of wiring if you have one locally.

  • Thanks for the input guys,
    So without meaning to sound thick (oops too late)
    The air flow meter can be moved but is best left where it is.
    If I leave the afm where it is, is there any reason why I can't
    take it off and spray it a different colour? Obviously taking care not to
    Get paint on the moving parts or plug socket. At least if that's possible
    It won't look so crap sitting in the middle of my polished cai.
    Thanks again for the input guys, as usual it is greatly appreciated.

  • Hey guys,
    Just an update to say its all sorted.
    once i took the oem air intake apart and unclipped the afm wiring from the harness to have a good look at lengthening it i realised that there was enough free play in it to move the bloody thing without butchering the wiring.
    Happy Days :)
    thanks again for the input, i'll post pictures of the finished job in my work log shortly.

  • I noticed you fitted it pointing downwards.. I would never advise that. The flow meter is designed to operate horizontally.. Theres a spring pressing against the cone. That cone gets sucked towards the intake by the engine.
    You have it faced down now, so not only the spring, but gravity and the weight of the cone itself is pressing it downwards. Doesn't really take much expertise to figure out that isn't helping the sensor..


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