Fast idle problem

  • Hi all, the new KLZE is going well, I just need to sort the idle out

    I did adjust the small retainer on the throttle linkage in a bit and it seemed to be fine after that, we also adjusted the small screw next to the linkage and it seemed to settle nicely at around 800 rpm, but driving it today its back upto around 12-1300

    any other ideas or back to fiddling the screws again

  • Try unplugging the IAC under the TB. See if it drop to correct idle.

  • was gonna say the same as marco dj, diconnect the idle control if it drops then i think youll need to pop it off and give it a good clean and re-try it or then if not replace it..

  • You need to adjust the throttle stop screw, IAC and the TPS.

    Have a look here. Marco provided the info, I did it and provided photos.

  • Just had a thought, you dont have any electrical loads on? Mine blips up when I use the windows, interior fans or the defroster.

    Has you checked the resistance from various points on the engine block and alternator to the battery?

  • yeah as above clean the IAC, then make sure all is setup correctly

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