Cat sensor lamba?

  • The wee sensor in the cat isn't ur normal screw in lamba/02 sensor is it one?

    Got a de cat fitted and that sensor is just cable tied out the way is it really important?

  • @e24cc95449=DaveMc:

    The wee sensor in the cat isn't ur normal screw in lamba/02 sensor is it one?

    Got a de cat fitted and that sensor is just cable tied out the way is it really important?

    question is how nice is the mot man at your garage for a start lol..

    The O2 sensor is the fuel management device that either causes the pulse width of the injector to increase or decrease. If it fails or goes lazy, it will set a code that the driver will see as a check engine light. A poor or non functioning O2 sensor will greatly effect the performance of your vehicle, in performance and gas mileage. If you have doubts about its functional ability, it can be observed with a scanner. The faster it switches from a high and a low voltage setting the more active it is.
    However having said that you dont have yours contected ie in the exhaust creating a reading that your ecu will be recieving incorrect data and well…???
    you decided..removing the cat will increase your emissions levels and as for disconnecting your lambda/o2 sensor Odear......

  • 92 so emissions don't matter with it. It's a weird lamba or so i think it's a lamba as it's not ur normal screw in ones like on the exhaust manifold

  • as far as i was aware emissions still apply even to a 92 reg as youll see on your test youll get a very large allowance of 1200 ppm on the test you car is still tested just on a non cat test…

  • hmmm, Ive just bought Lori's decat as I hate to see animals suffer, no one said anything about there being a probe in the cat though, so what do we do about said device? Not gonna fit a decat if I cant have allthe sensors wired up right, will run like shiv and guzzle even more dino juice

  • Sorry to bring up a dead post, but does anyone have any input on this cat probe?
    I wanna slap a decat on mine, but want to know what to do with this probe!

  • mine didnt have one, have a look under your car at the cat and if you cant see wires coming from it, then you dont have one

  • I defo have one! :P

    Just worried it's going to significantly affect the running of the engine. It's not in tip-top shape as it is!

    But I need to get that decat on!! Dilemma! :P

  • what kind of weird probe is it then? how many wires/what colour are they?

  • Just a metallic probe that goes almost all the way across the inside of the cat. Not sure how many wires are attached. Must be made of some combinations of precious metals or something to detect the mixture.

    Raines describes it's usage above, but just wanted to know if there was any way round it, or if it doesn't make all that much difference!

  • sounds strange almost like a heater element which some cars do have I beleive. I only know of two types of O2 sensors tbh

    Which type do I need?
    To help identify which sensor you need:

    Count the Wires
    Your sensor may have between one and seven wires - three and four wire sensors are the most common.
    Check the Colour of the Wires
    There are two basic types of Lambda sensor - Zirconia and Titania. The colour of the wires helps to identify which type you have.
    Zirconia sensors are fitted to 90% of vehicles in the UK fitted with a catalytic converter - the sensor will usually have black, grey, purple or white wires (or a combination of these).
    Titania sensors are far less common - such a sensor will have a red wire, a yellow or both fitted to it (most commonly found on late Vauxhall Ecotec engines, late BMW, Range Rover and some early Rover 800).

    There are exceptions! Japanese vehicles will often have blue and green wires amongst their wire colours - Japanese vehicles tend to have Zirconia sensors. The Toyota Carina E vehicles are unique - they use a special rapid heating 'lean burn' sensor to cope with Toyota's highly fuel-efficient Lean Burn engine.

    NOTE: Universal Zirconia sensors are not suitable for Rover vehicles with MEMS engine management systems and Toyota Carina E cars (and other Toyota vehicles using the same engine/control system).

    If it is a cat heater your good to go :bigok:

  • Hmmm… strange...why would you have a heating element in the cat? :/

    I'll check the wires next time I get a chance! Cheers!

  • Cats work better when there upto temp I think.


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