Forget the royal wedding tomorrow is the big day !!!

  • Yup, its come around so quickly but tomorrow is KLZE fitting day, hopefully get it in under 10 hours including the new race headers and full stainless exhaust, will be taking loads of pics to upload later :D :D

  • OOOOOOH jealous!
    good luck, cant wait to see all the fun :D
    should make a couple of video's of things like 0-60 before and after and such like too!

  • good luck with it
    i recive my ze ant the end of the month :D :D :D

  • yeh man its gonna be so fast, the difference between the 1.8 and the ze is rediculous :lol: :lol:

  • Hope it all goes to plan man :)

  • yeah hope it went well bud. nothing too exciting i hope.

  • hmmm its sunday and still no pics or update, bit worrying.

  • Well its all in, can only say that KLZE = ball ache

    I spent 11hrs yesterday upto the point i could not even comprehend what sensor plugged into what plug I was that knackered and finally finished today after another 7hrs

    The new headers fit great but the join at the rear touches the steering rack so that is off and is going to be readjusted again to fit and i am on the standard triple cat mx3 exhaust with my 4" tailpipe and it sounds awesome just with the standard kit on, took the missus for a burn she was holding on to anything she could when i went for it so the money missing from the savings is now all forgiven lol

    Big problem though
    I have no reverse gear, I can feel the slot in the gearbox but feels like it has something blocking it and cannot figure out what is wrong, everything is back in normally but no reverse still and the other gears feel a little sloppy

  • glad its all in and gose well for you wait till japfest and i ask loads of question lol


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