Starting problem

  • HELP!!! Car won't start :( Was working perfectly when I went to the re-cycling centre. Left boot lid open and hazzards on. Went to start her up but nothing. Dashbord lights come on. When I try to start the clock and the heating lights go out but absolutly nothing. No cranking of the engine just dead ! Flat battery, starter motor or electrical problem ? Any ideas or has anyone had a similar problem?

  • Is there a click from the starter motor when you go to turn the engine over?

  • does sound like a dead battery, is it old?

  • No click from starter motor when starting. Did try putting it in gear and rocking just in case but no joy.

  • we have tried jumping but no joy. could it still be battery?

  • How are you connecting the cables to jump start it? Many people connect the cable from one battery direct to the terminals on the other battery, which is wrong, you should only connect the battery positive terminals directly to each other, the ground cables should touch the engine or another suitable bare metal surface, the engine lifting tabs are usuallly a good source, if you have a multimeter, check the voltage/resistance of the place your putting the cable.

  • 2 cars I have had this in and it sounds exactly the same

    The starter goes wrong inside and dumps all the juice out of the battery instantly making it look like the battery is knackered, if it still wont turn over from jump leads then its the starter and its trying to do the same to the other battery you are trying to jump it with, had it twice now and just replaced the starter with a used one and never had it again

  • dj> as a side note, you ever checked the grounding on the positive feed to the starter, Ive checked it on 3 bikes and 1 car, and its actually grounded, how weird is that?!

  • Yes was conecting corretly when jumping. The battery isabout 6 months old (bosch) so should be OK.

  • cheers i'll check the starter motor and connections

  • Starter motor seems OK. Any thougts on alarm/immobiliser. Was playing up the other week so removed the fuse and have been opening/locking car manualy instead of useing fob ?

  • think youve answered it yourself there

  • Im with Jesta there, id look at bit more at the alarm/imobo…

    The imobiliser's job is to shut of the supply to the starter and fuel relays, hence why no starter working on turning the key...

  • Indeed so, theres a reason its called an immobiliser.

    In what way was it playing up?

    What alarm system is it?


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