Looking to buy eunos presso auto, what to look out for

  • Hi, I have a V6 one of these but have spotted a 1.6 eunos presso automatic for sale and my mum would like to buy. Looks pretty good nick but just wondered what to look out for when buying one of these imports. Any particular problems with 1.6, engine etc. Ill obviously check the gearbox is clunk free and changes smoothly, kick down etc.


  • wahoo another Mx owner down south, we will have to have a mini meet this summer.

    Anyways on with the question, firstly be very thorough with the gearbox mazda had a few problems and a recall right at the start of the mx3 production just on the auto gearboxes, any warning lights to do with it and any problems changing gear etc just walk away

    All MX's suffer with brakes, the calipers tend to seize if not regularly checked and the discs get grooved, check all brake discs and pads if possible

    Check the car sits level on a level road and bounce the car up and down on each corner that will let you know of any suspension problems or any clunks,

    look in the light for different shaded panels thats a good way to see if it has had any respraying due to accident damage then check the area underneath if you cant see anything it been done properly

    Check engine oil, look in the cap if it has a small amount of cream inside it has only been used for short journeys a lot check dipstick if that has creamy oil then its a walk away and always look at the bottom of the engine to see if it has any oil leaks.
    Get the owner to start it when you are stood behind it, look for blue smoke on start up that is a good indication of engine health

    also good tip, when you go and see it open the bonnet and put your hand on the engine if its warm its been run very recently, always best to get there early in the day then there is less chance its been used and you can see it start how it normally would

    Otherwise look at overall condition, steering wheel, drivers seat and gearknob as that always shows wear and you get an idea of how its been used

    Just have a look and see how you feel, if its a 1.6 auto there are a lot out there in very good condition with very low miles for not much money

    Other than that

  • didn't get a good feeling about it so left it. Its still for sale though. Few things wrong, thought I could hear the tappets rattling in the distance, had massive power drops when I put on the lights or opened elec window and had a water leak from top of rad cap. Good points were great not rusty body, strong auto box. only up for 595 but the tappet problem would bother me really. Thanks for the info though. And would love to have a meet down south to go to soon. I have a v6 1996 in silver, quite a lot of miles but drives great, love the engine note!

  • I was planning a day out for us somewhere in the summer and a photo shoot somewhere glamorous, maybe we should go camping as a club lol

    probably just the battery needing replacing as the alternator was taking the strain and a new rad is dead easy to do in these.
    As for the tappits if you arent happy you arent happy but it wouldnt be too major to do on a 1.6, if everything else is great and its only a couple of points I would have gone in low maybe go back offer him 450 and haggle him, a new rad is £80 a new battery is £50 and the tappits if they are just a distant noise they may never get any louder if you service it regularly and probably be fine for the rest of the cars life.
    Tell him you can hear the tappits and its going to be £130 + labour to do the other parts and then you could get a good deal if the gearbox and body are all great

    Also he doesnt need to know that you could probably get a used rad for £20 and a battery cheaper than £50 and fit them yourself then you get the good deal

  • well, I bought her for mum, its seems fine so fine, the strange power dips are not happening anymore, maybe it was lack of use!!? Topped up the water and have done 20 or so miles and no loss yet, so fingers crossed. Seems all good so far! BTW paid 450 for her, offered 450 and he said ok… rather quickly but hey ho, I reckon cheap for any MX3 really. Only prob so far is a non registering temp gauge, little odd, still will look into, otherwise, pulling well etc. So hey, at the meet your talking about we can display two from us!!
    And quite interesting the differences in UK and Jap models, Mums is quite a lot different from mine.

    All the best

  • @3607293895=dazfoxy530:

    Only prob so far is a non registering temp gauge

    Could just be a dodgy thermostat, and those are pretty easy to change.

    sounds like you got a pretty good motor there :)

  • Wouldnt be the thermostat giving off forget readings sounds like the Coolant sensor dunno ware they are on they engines but it's real easymto replace as well sure someone with keep u right with the same engine


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