Fuel Filter Swap?

  • Hi All,

    Very quick one this. Where is the fuel filter, and how easy is it to change?

  • lol its not easy job, there quite hard to get at, well on the 1.8 V6 anyways, go to where your battery tray is, look down and to the left hand side of the battery, then fuel filter is located under the chamber down inside there

  • Ah so it is in the engine bay! My 106 had it in the fuel tank! Even more of a pain!.

    Presumably it requires you to depressurise the fuel injection system thou?

    I'm trying to work out whether I should do a service myself, or pay for it. Currently have real lumpy injection at low revs, causing kangarooing, which is getting silly.

  • the service is not hard to do yourself, i done mine and have limited knowledge of cars, altho i have been able to turn my hand to pretty much anything i put my mind to.

    If you can afford to i would suggest a garage coz atleast then anything goes wrong you can fall back on your warrenty that they give you, when doing it yourself you dont have this luxury unfortunatly


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