Now I have heard it all

  • Today a parcel arrived with a couple of goodies I scoped

    I got a mint hatch garnish and another high level brake light, i told the seller how to remove it all and explained all the parts I wanted

    Today i got the parcel, the hatch garnish was perfect, the high level brake light and I told him I needed the interior trim to go with the light as the uk ones dont fit it, so instead of sending the bits I asked for I got the brake light and the tiny rear window it shines through :roll:

    I called him and he said theyre the bits I asked for which is his mistake, so now its costing him more to send the trim through the post too

  • some people are idiots, but its okay darwin will take them all for a swim soon :)

  • doh!!!!

  • Stuff like that is so damn aggrevating isnt it? I bought some heated mirrors the other week, but recieved un heated, seller was good about it and sent out the right ones immediately, but I have all my parcels delivered to my gf's parents house, 7-8miles away, because our post keeps being left on the doorstep and then someone walks by and takes it, so it meant a 16miles round trip to find out with was the wrong ones.

    Or when people take too long to send stuff, spent a wad on one of the Lenser torches last week as a birthday present to myself, bought them for my dad when he was a copper, theyre amazing, but expensive, bought tuesday, didnt get it til wednesday the following this week, had loads of opertunity to use it last weekend too, so now its kinda surplus :(

    Maybe its just my immature nature, but I get really down hearted when my parcels take too long, you have to chase them up or they have the wrong stuff in. :(


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