1.8 V6 recommended cambelt change mileage

  • I'm trying to find out through garages of previous owners if the cambelt on my new MX-3 has been changed at all but not had a lot of luck.

    Does anyone know what Mazda deem to be the change interval in years/miles?

    If it hasnt been changed it will be 13 years/77000 miles, so will need to get it done pretty sharpish (money is there, not a problem)

    Any ideas of cost and effort (done by garage not me!)

  • Recommended Change is 60k or 65k Miles (or somewhere in that region)

    It's quite an intensive process and i would recommend changing the waterpump at the same time. Cost me £160ish for Cambelt Kit, Waterpump and Auxilliary belts from FordProbeStore.

    Where you from, DJMarcoPolo's Dad did my belt for £120ish down in Southhampton.

  • i have always been told 75,000 - 80,000 miles, so it would be about time.

  • **It's 60,000 miles or 6 years, whichever is soonest.

    If you're replacing the cambelt, auxiliary belts and the hydraulic tensioner (this part should not be an "if". Replace it) as part of a service, a Mazda dealer will charge you £600. If you're doing it yourself, the tensioner costs £90 from Fordprobestore and everything else for a full service (filters, oil, leads, plugs) comes in at about £60. I have a guide in the How To section and it'll take you a day for your first attempt :D**

  • Cambelt and waterpump both at the same time definately, if you can get to southampton its £140 plus parts if not then you are looking at about £400 at least so do shop around


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