JIMBOfred-Cheeky little black number.

  • OK. It's been a while. Been pretty busy getting married and work was manic coming up to the summer hols. You'll all be glad to know that I've done some more legitimate mods of late. Here is my newly tarted rear end.

    Got the exhaust system from James in preston and saw theses carbon fibre (cough cough) rear lights on ebay t'other day quite cheap so i snepped them up and they came the next day.
    Fear not, I have some more JIMBO style botch jobs planned during the summer hols. Including possibly making the black spokes in the alloys white instead.

  • yo Jim nice to hear from you! congrats on the 'ol ball & chain.
    zorst is legit, yeah black/white cant go wrong 8)

  • Yeh, should do. still having the red though. kinda like these
    can't find any pics of them on a black car though so not 100% sure. will probs do it anyway.

  • OK huys. Sorry it's been a while but although I've had some plans of things to do to the car I've not had the time to do anything so nothing much has changed for a while. Here is the MOT list of fails from today. This and the fact that my wife and I are now to be parents as of June put a big ugly question mark on the mx3. I know, DJ before you say it again, that mx3 have some great family car potential but try telling that to a heavily pregnant woman trying to get in and out and bumping around all over the place when she's in there and the in-laws watching the clouds of smoke billow out of the rear. I am thinking we need something a bit more reliable. I like the look of the nissan juke. I think the options for the '3 are spend some money and muchos tlc to get it going well and then see if we can make do, smile at a family member with some drive space and/or garage space and take it off the road until its more appropriate whilst slowly getting it back to some kind of decent condition or the dreaded take off anything of any value (not a lot) and get rid of the rest.
    Would appreciate any of your considerate opinions.
    Needless to say I have had a lot of fun in my mx3 and it shall always have a special place in my heart (single tear).

  • That fail sheet isnt that bad and most of it you can do yourself and the whole lot for under £100
    Number plate £10
    Bulb £1
    trackrod end £15
    Full Set of brake pads £25
    Copper grease £10
    and I have an almost new exhaust center section if its that leaking
    if not I am not sure but I may have a front pipe in my shed somewhere but not 100%
    new gaskets are £5 and then take it to a garage for the fitting with new gaskets as the bolts shear and you need to get it on ramps to get the rear bolts off
    Looks like your number late lights are pooped anyway so cheap upgrade that passes MOT is a cheap set of white led windscreen washer jets £1.99
    remove the old rusty frame and lights from car, put the washer jets into a strong strip of plastic, wire them to the standard wiring and then put them into the slot and just put a screw up through the bumper plastic that seperates the lights - nice tidy led plate lights for a couple of quid
    That will cost you the £100 budget and then 12 months MOT and the car is worth something again
    brakes are easy to do on the mx3 will take about 3 hours in total if you are new to it :bigok:

  • Yeh. not too big a job as long as chabging the exhaust sorts out the emissions. have most of a system and still got the number plate. Just getting a bit fed up of using up my scarce free time. Not sure if its jusr putting off the inevitable.

  • needs an mot to get it worth anything more than scrapping

  • Oh man another member gone due to marriage. Im glad my wife made it through her pregnancy with the MX3. We even have a baby seat in the back now. :rofl: :rofl:

  • @c2f9f2d505=kulluminati777:

    Oh man another member gone due to marriage.

    A little quick to dismiss me there. I wouldn't say a member gone. However…
    ... The mx3 is now officially sorn

    It is sat on my parents driveway awaiting its currently uncertain future. I have bought a sensible, more efficient, hopefully much less maintenance volvo

    At the moment I am very much hoping to get a house (we are currently looking) with a driveway and/or garage so i can keep it as an off the road project. Reckon I can get a lot more that I want done if I'm not dependant on it and driving it every day. So so far it seems I will be remaining an mx3 owner.

  • That's good news mate! :D

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