MOT Failure

  • Need a new exhaust and a back spring.

    Now I know nothing much about the mechanics, How much am I looking at for this?, and am I as well getting a sporty exhaust or a standard fast fit effort?

    I’m in the Glasgow area if anybody can put me on to somebody?
    It's a R Reg 1998, Done 51,000 with FSH generally good condition.

    Thanks Guys


  • I have an old set of springs you can have for the postage mate if you need them, (even if you just need one to get it over the MOT until you can afford to get new ones)

  • Springs are easy to change and you only need compressors as a tool that you may not have, the exhaust, what is it V6 or 1.6 center, rear cat or downpipe.
    If its rear box the tried and tested exhausts are Sportex either 3" or 4" tail, the 3" is a bit louder but 4" has a nicer tone


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