Need help removing the head

  • i need some help removing the cylinder head i need to do my valve seals, but im lost, i've got the chilton manual but i dont know where the following are:

    heater hose
    brake vacuum hose
    purge hose
    coolant bypass pipe

    think i might have bitten off more than i can tew(sp?) but the garage wanted like £300-400 for doing it.

    so far i've drained the coolant, got the distributer off, rocker cover, air feed and throttle cable off

    can any body offer any advice???

  • i've quit im just going to add some stop smoke!

  • it just puts the smoke being formed off. and just thickens up the oil. can result in tappets becoming noisy.

  • it was too hard for me i have really limited knowlege of the engine, i stripped my fiesta once but it was so much simpler. i dont know the parts listed in the manual to remove them. i also broke 2 rocker cover bolts which really set me back drilling and tapping the new holes.

    i thought it softened up the seals so they gave a better seal??

  • it does do that but how much smoke is she producing. as first when mine started it was only very little after very long engine breaking.

    but now its more oftern and after that is used. once smoke is produced then its gone far to need replacing. as sticking in a bottle of this every so often.

  • it just puts out a cloud of it if i rev when i start it up, after that its fine it takes a few days of it sitting to produce the smoke though.

  • shame you don't live closer to notts.

    id have whipped head off for you.

  • hummm…. what colour is the smoke. as mine only does it when engine breaking. been told my my service station if it produces puffs of smoke on start up and pulling of normal etc two things.

    head gasket leak.... engine coolant buring.

    or worst case pistion rings gone.

  • damn wish you were closer, fancy a trip up here??lol

    how long should it take to do? i did set aside a week to get it all done, but got side-tracked on my brothers fiesta so didnt get started till saturday.

  • straight forward head gasket change id say about 3 hours.

    cleaning engine up aswell couple of days.


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