Driveshaft seized…or user error?

  • Ok so probably my fault for putting off the inevitable but had the MX3 since last summer. And it had a grumbling CV joint….noisy but no play (had it MOT'd and tester was happy no excessive play even when I pointed out the grumbling).

    But finally bit the bullet, bought a shiny new CV joint (would recommend and went to fit it. Undone lower ball joint and track rod end after a bit of struggle with stubborn nuts & bolts and plenty of penetrating fluid. Next expected the driveshaft/CV joint to slide out of the hub with ease.

    Wrong. It's not budging. Resorted to hub puller (one of those you put over wheel studs and tighten the big bolt on to the shaft). I've bent the bolt on the hub puller and the shaft ain't for shifting.

    Going to remove caliper, disc, apply blowtorch and a lump hammer next. But before I go down that road wanted to check.....

    Have I missed something? Anyone else suffered similar pain and willing to share their experiences?

    Hopefully yours....

  • So you got the staked hub nut off ok? Really the only thing that should be seized is the axle splines to the inner hub splines. Usually just whacking with a hammer on the axle nut side should do it. Perhaps it may be easier to just get a scrap spindle including the hub. If you're having to use serious force or serious heat your wheel bearings likely to get damaged.

  • would hammering it not damage the components inside the engine/gearbox too? Might be worth just taking it to a garage for them to worry about as some commercial tools are just not up for the job

  • If it comes to it I have complete hub for sale £25 plus postage costs whatever they may be.

    Take a pic of it so we can make sure your doing it right.

    • remove hub nut
    • undo lower ball joint
    • undo track rod end
    • push out cv joint

    If you have to you could try removing the hub and cvjoint together and get something to pull it out. And hit the cv joint side on a few times to try and shock it loose.

  • @acff126e44=Jesta:

    would hammering it not damage the components inside the engine/gearbox too? Might be worth just taking it to a garage for them to worry about as some commercial tools are just not up for the job

    This is assuming the axle is removed from the CV cup of the intermediate shaft, which really it should be if the hub is being sticky and replaced.


    • undo track rod end

    I never bother with this :lol: I just swing it out, plenty o room ;)

  • The nut…ah (yes I did remove it :P)
    Was hoping someone might say there's a hidden nut or clip....but really didn't think so.

    Have taken off:
    hub nut;
    lower ball joint - plently of room as you say, but
    track rod off for good measure.

    It just isn't shifting and feels like drive shaft is also seized in the CV joint - so not too easy taking it to a local garage. Haven't hit it too hard yet (hence the hub puller) but looks like it's off with everything tonight (including inner CV), another soaking in penetrating fluid and then that very big hammer.
    Worst I can do is damage the shaft and/or which case I might come calling for that spare hub

    TI'll let you know how I get on

  • I did mine recently, and the easiest way to do it is undo EVERYTHING, brakes, discs, abs sensor, track rod, etc etc and take out the entire shaft up too the inner cvjoint, be VERY careful not to pull the whole drive shaft out of the gear box though.

    If you have trouble getting the old cv joint out of the hub, and god knows I did! I smacked the hell outta it with a lump hammer and it didnt budge, then the best thing for it is boiling water, I don't know why it works when nothing else does but boil a kettle full of water and pour it over the hub and cv joint then give it a good bash.

  • I gotta try that!

    took the hub completely off tonight, driveshaft is still attached. The shaft slide easily out of the inner CV joint as there was no circlip - begins to wonder if that was the cause of the grumbling?

    Got it on the bench and used my biggest hammer freely - no joy. Nor does the driveshaft want to be parted from the outer CV joint.

    Left it proped up vertically overnight with, hopefully, penetrating fluid seeping down into the splines.

    Another wack with hammer tomorrow and then put the kettle on…...

  • Yeah, sounds like it's corroded in. To help the oil get in, you could apply the point of a blowtorch to the splines/hub under where the nut was. 30 seconds on, dowse with oil. Wipe, another 30 seconds, dowse. Repeat with some liberal twatting with the hammer thrown in. If you've got a hub puller and can leave it attached under load while you do this, all the better, much less stressful way.

  • Where about are you, If your local-ish you can put the cv and hub in my ultrasonic cleaner, its more than big enough to take them both, should get any crap out once their seperate

  • A kind offer, much appreciated Jesta. Unfortunately I'm about 6 hours away.
    No progress tonight….too much work leaves no time to play

  • Hi all … any joy with yours as I am having the very same problem... I am just about to boil the kettle and give that a go as I have removed it all from the car so its easier to work on in the workshop..... any other tips would be gratefully recieved ....
    so far
    snapped a puller and couldnt hit it any harder with a lump hammer if I tried...also soaked all night in wd40


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