1.8 engine slow to start after overnight/3-4 hours +

  • I wonder if you could help me?

    My new MX3 seems to be brilliant in every way but has a niggling starting problem. When left overnight or stood for a few hours, it seems to take 5 seconds of cranking or so for it to fire up. Once running it is fine and performs great and starts instantly once warmed up.

    I have ran a bottle of good quality injector cleaner through the current full tank a few days ago but has not made any differance. It does respond sometimes to a full depression of the accel pedal whilst cranking and release upon fireup but it still takes a good few seconds and I'm not keen on the sudden revup on a cold engine so tend not to resort to this.

    Have any of you come across this before?

    Many thanks, Tim.

  • Mine does, tbh I just took it that it's a 19year old heap, lol.

    If someone has a fix tho, would be nice :)

  • It's not really a problem as such just a niggle, it's worth the wait to hear the thunder that follows!

  • This sometimes happens when there's water inside of the leads. Try replacing them and the plugs. Helped me out a lot..

  • I would suggest going down the route of a good service, plugs leads rotor arm oil filters etc

    Another could be either battery or starter motor, if the starter is dying or the battery is getting old, its not turning it over fast enough to get it going from cold as to what it wants.

  • Isn't there a solenoid that cuts and regulates fuel on start up / turn off. I'm sure it's missing from mine when I did ze swap. mx6 owner asked me if mine took a while to start as it's missing but it's fine really.


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