I feel like a bit of a fool

  • :oops: Just went to Tesco to get some beer and petrol and managed to lock my keys in my car at the pump (doh) had to climb in through the boot to unlock the door. got a lot of funny looks. :oops: Thank god for my patented keyless boot entry system (also known as a knackered boot lock) :lol:

  • lol, mine knackerd too
    I did it in my last car, but was at work in the middle of nowhere, and had to get my boss to drive my spare keys out to me!
    I told him that i had lost them rather than locked in the car.!!

  • I think everyone does this only once!
    A while ago, I locked the only set of keys I had for an old fiesta in the car.
    Well and truly gutted so me and a couple of mates returned to the car a bit later to try a few ideas.
    Tried making a slim-jim from a bit of wire but dropped that inside the door.
    A mate of mine said that his scouser friend used to bend door frames to break into cars but there wasn't a chance I'd let him try that on my only mode of transportation.
    Eventually we got a few flat head screwdrivers and managed to prise out the rear window leaving very little damage to paint work.

    I won't be doing that again!

  • my last car was a FIESTA lol

  • same still have it tis a 85 mk2 fiesta :D


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