Leak from the power steering hose

  • Where can i get a hose for the power steering as ive got a small leak in mine which gives off the smell of burning oil…

  • find a local hydraulic company like pirtek take the pipe in and they will make a replacement while you wait then simply put back on fill the tank to the max mark start up and spin the wheel from lock to lock and keep topping up until it doesnt go down anymore, its very easy to change one of those.

    Most of them leak at the back of the tank down if so a standard piece of hose the same diameter if it has clips holding it on, if its threaded then go to the top of my comment.
    It would cost about £20 if you have one made, if you are not mechanically minded call a hydraulic company as most do on site service and find out the call charge to have it changed at home or outside their office :D

  • Hi guys and thanks again for your advice and time. ive ordered one from the probe site…...What make of power stearing oil do i use as halfords have no idea and no recomondations again thanks

  • @8f73ada122=michaelk1:

    halfords have no idea and no recomondations

    That just speaks for itself !!!

    ATF automatic transmission fluid + power steering fluid is the same stuff

    Just go to a local motor factors or back to HELLFRAUDS - even a decent petrol station has it + larger tesco stores

    its about £4-5 for 500ml so if you have removed a pipe and spilt a bit you will probably need 2 bottles to be safe


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