Does this sound healthy?

  • I don't think it's sounding to happy at the moment, sounds too "Ticky" for my liking

  • Sounds reasonably normal to me but tbh its not the easy'st of things to hear with over a vid mate, have you found the oil leak …???
    theres a multitued of questions i could ask here but ill keep it simple for instance>.. when was your last oil/filter change...??? did you flush the engines when you did this..???

    Also does the tappty noise go after a while or is it constant after shes warmed up...???

  • mine sounded just like that until it was warm

  • @9e81def750=jay:

    mine sounded just like that until it was warm


  • Cheers 4 cyl guys. I just didn't feel it sounded good after playing with the pug so thought I'd best get a second opinion.

    Rainy, the oil seems to be coming from the manifold :? I know I need to do the rocker gasket but the main offence seems to be coming from there, plus there is a lot of smoke and black crap coming out of the exhaust

    here's some pics of the build up of crap from the exhaust (car was cleaned midweek and the exhaust).

  • mines sounded like that for about 5 seconds once or twice during winter on startup, there was one time when it lasted for baout 10 seconds, so i turned of engine and then restarted and it went, i think its to do with the oil pressure, being to thick or mank, and doesnt circulate properly under the valve lifters so they dont fill up properly, I think thats right anyway

  • ok fella heres a helper.. blue'ish smoke on running is burnt oil, white smoke is water, from the looks on that exhaust id say you have a combination of a small amount of oil due to the age of the car but mostly id say its running rich..

    My honest advice get the house finished for the other half first then start on the car… the car can wait it aint going nowhere is it really, with motors you get niggles and a few of them they build up and it gets you down one after another always them same...

  • my zorst is like that, reckon an ecu right fix the over fueling?


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