Tyres changed, knocking, whack, noise gone WTF?

  • Hi guys, just had my tyres changed, after coming out of the tyre place I had no problems, as soon as I got to about 30mph I heard this ticky knocking that was really fast paced coming from the front drivers side wheel, first thought was a stone in the tyre, but it was far too fast for that, so I pulled over, gave the wheel a wobble, checked to see that the wheel nuts where all tight, all fine. Pulled away and once upto speed again it was there again, so booted it to try and shake whatever it was off, got to about 50mph and got a LOUD whack as something hit the bodywork and flew over the bonnet, pulled over immediately, checked all around wheel, bolts still in etc, no signs of damage so no idea what hit where, turned around and went to nearby garage that I know a few miles further down the road, bloke had a look, found what he called the backing plate (?) and it was really rusty, infact alot of it came off in his hands, after that no further noise, but I am now concerned as to what has just happened and am I in any danger? If the backing plate has slipped behind the disk, is it possible that once it is worn down by the disc hub that the rest of it will shear off and Ill have a loose wheel? The other nearside wheel/disc does not have a backing plate so cant compare what position it should be in or what it looks like undamaged. Also, how has this happened, he only changes the tyres, ie took the wheel off, tyre off, new tyre on, wheel on, I watched him do the whole car, so know he didnt fck anything up, could this just be down to a rusty manky backing plate finally giving up after being knocked/moved about while changing tyres or is there something else to it?

    Sorry for long post but want to get as many details across in first post.

  • sounds like just a manky old backing plate has been slightly disturbed and suddenly gone.

    Its worth getting a new one as it stops all the crap off the road getting into the pads and scoring the discs up or damaging the pads and other parts.

    A used one would be perfect

  • thanks mate, needed to hear that reassurance, glad to know its nothing abnormal, did some emergency stops to check that the brakes work, discovered with the new tyres (Toyo Proxes T1R's) I cannot lock the wheels up, tried 3 times to get it to the point that the ABS would cut in, from 40-50 to stop I simply couldnt get them to lock, so obviously some good rubber, was like hitting a brick wall!

    Should I remove the wheel and pull the rest of it off or just leave it as is until I have something to replace it with? Guessing the only place to get some is from a scrappy right?

  • Leave it on, no point doing a job twice, just put the car on full lock and see if there are any loose bits around and pull them off

  • Mine's rusty as fook too, almost came off in my hands the other day but it's not a massively important part, the car's still perfectly driveable without it. Like DJ said, worth getting another one but it's not gonna make the car blow up without it :)

  • think ill not worry about finding a replacement, doesnt sound like it will be missed, the other side doesnt have one at all, so unnecessary to spend time tracking one down if its not vital or going to negatively effect anything, cheers guys!

  • talking about rusty stuff… while doing an oil change at the weekend i noticed pretty much everything on the underside of the car is mega crusty rust, how should i go about treating it, wire brush and some hammerite/underbody paint or just paint over it as it is?

  • best bet is to remove the rust with a wire brush/mop
    in a drill then apply a coating of waxoil

  • okie dokey will get on it this weekend then, cheers


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