Dont you just love it

  • Dont you just love it when your car gets a new mot certificate with no advisories I smiled all the way home. Then gets the bike out of winter storage and it starts first time, it's never done that before usually takes a fair bit of starting after the winter. What a good weekend.

  • Never had it :(

    But congrats mate!

  • what bike you got?

  • LIES! cars NEVER pass without advisories, well the ones I buy anyway :p

  • It's a Sachs 800 roadster a nice Vtwin there's something about V engines.

  • Not my cup of tea I have to admit, Im more supermoto or fairing supersports, just sold my zx6r 98 the other week :( had it for 5 years, clocked up 32k miles on it, had HID projectors, retrofitted J model nosecone and lights, dynojet, bmc, ign advancer, full open zorst, polished rims, looks sweet, sounded like a jet fighter :)

  • I'm too old for a sports bike this is more my style. you can see my orange mx5 mk1 in the reflection on the crankcase.

  • ever considered something like a Yamaha Diversion, missus had one as a commuter, lovely smooth bike, excellent mpg, tyres were too skinny for my liking

    some of my bikes…

    which ended up like this

    kid that bought my zxr400 resprayed it green, was sooooo angry, never ever managed to take a photo that showed its proper paint colour, it was a limited edition factory painted blue mica, looked absolutely amazing, colour coded wheels and mirrors, cost a pretty penny, then went and resprayed standard green, wish hed just bought a green one rather than destroy that, paint was original and had lasted for 14years unscathed, then some idiot 18yr old gets it and wrecks it :(:(

  • Im very much liking the zxr400 jesta its a crying shame when you sell and it get changed /ruined fella aint it, now that zx6r is very nice to used to own one myself it was in purple/black and gold was a limited run one so i was told, now my best bike was this one….

  • :shock: :o :shock: :o

    that is impressive! busa's sound mentals when on open cans

  • ive got this weird feeling weve taken over the thread with something completely off topic, lets have some more bike pics then, whose next?

  • One of my monkeys, soon to be getting a few more mods, strip down, blasted and repainted.

    its good for 70mph!!

  • Gulf, I'd swap my car for that :)

  • what you want is one of these

    killed and maimed tonnes of people, cant think why an off road trike would be a bad idea, came in a few cc varients too, from a 70cc and seen some in google search as 350

    watch these to see how instable they are, check out the killer bollock smash at 1.33 :D:D

  • @b207e8b6e2=Lori:

    Gulf, I'd swap my car for that :)

    Never!! :lol: I've got a streetfighter Honda NSR50 too, thats been converted to take a 4 stroke 160cc motor, think I have a picture of that somewhere, also got a 1977 Honda dax, but thats been stripped down for about 4 years with the intention of a major custom job, also got a KTM DukeII, but I think I'm gonna sell the KTM as I want a new daily driver and I will put the funds of bike towards car, plus I don't really ride it that much….


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